Relax. Don’t Worry. We Have The Solution To Put Your Dental Fears To Rest

Regular dental visits are vitally important…not only for your oral and dental health but for your general health, as well. You may brush, floss and rinse – hopefully twice a day – but if you avoid regular dental check-ups and cleanings you may be setting the stage for periodontal disease or other health issues down the road. Regular dental cleanings by a hygienist or dentist rid your teeth of nasty disease and decay causing plaque and tartar – the fiercest of dental health foes.

Fear of the dentist is common. Many people have long-standing fears, perhaps from frightening childhood experiences or from apocryphal stories told by family or friends. Whatever the reason, if you are one of the fearful, StarWhite Dental offers the perfect remedy to calm your fears. It’s called sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry is safe and effective and a real breakthrough for the faint of heart.
Here’s how it works: You will be given a pill to take, at home, before your appointment, which will relax you, calm you, put you in a “twilight” sedated state and allow you to receive your dental procedures without fear. You won’t be unconscious but will experience a soothing, emotional distance from your procedure. You will be carefully monitored by the dentist. You will need to arrange for transportation to and from your visit – which you will not even remember once you are home and “awake.”

We know that even making the initial phone call to book a dental appointment may be huge for you. But it’s our goal to put your mind at ease. At your consultation, we will examine your teeth, define any problem areas and carefully explain the dental procedures we recommend for you.

Remember: Although your teeth are designed to last a lifetime, you must care for them diligently and regularly. We want to be your Murrietta sedation dentists – and look forward to making your next visit to the dentist a more than pleasant one! Call, today: (951) 698-4426.

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