Dental Implants – So Close To The Look Of Your Natural Teeth

Remember when you were a child and you lost your baby teeth in happy anticipation of a visit from the Tooth Fairy? Good times, those were!

But as an adult, if you are missing one or more of your teeth, it is unlikely you are smiling.
Adults can lose teeth because of gum disease, infection or decay – from a lifetime of poor dental habits. Teeth can also be lost by trauma or athletic injury. Occasionally, teeth are absent at birth.

At StarWhite Dental, we we want to put that smile back on your face and a dental implant is definitely one way to do just that. We can provide you with a permanent, long-term solution that can help restore your self-confidence and put your worries about your missing teeth to rest.

Dental implants are a unique and revolutionary solution to:
• Old crowns or bridges that need to be replaced due to pain or bad breath.
• Loose and slipping dentures which are embarrassing and make it difficult to eat and painful to smile.
• Missing teeth which can affect your personal relationships and the quality of your life.

How does a dental implant work? An implant begins with a titanium or zirconia post that functions like the root of your tooth. The post is surgically positioned in your jawbone beneath the gum line. It fuses with your bone and the post becomes a sturdy foundation for your custom-made crown. The good news is that implants can’t come loose like dentures can and they don’t have to be anchored to other teeth like bridges. Implants feel, look and function just like real teeth…but they do not decay! You must take good care of them, however, by flossing and brushing and visiting our office for regular dental cleanings and check-ups.

To learn more, call to schedule a consultation. At that time, we will examine your teeth, take x-rays and determine if you have healthy gums and adequate bone to support the implant. If your bone it too thin or soft, you may require a bone graft. You must also be in good, general health.

We look forward to discussing your dental health with you: (951) 698-4426.

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