Aging And Your Teeth

Your teeth are resilient and strong, even with all the gnashing and chewing and grinding they will do over the years. But you have to take care of them. Your teeth age right along with you; there is no stopping the march of Father Time. Years and years of wear and tear do add up, and definitely take a toll on your teeth.

A few things that can affect your teeth as you age are:

  • Gum DiseaseGum Disease. The risks of gum disease increase with age. Little pockets form at the gum line where bacteria can grow. If left untreated, bacterial infections can cause damage to connective tissue and bone, leading to tooth loss. So, brush and floss twice a day, use a mouthwash that does not contain alcohol, and visit your dentist twice a year.
  • Wear and Tear. The function of your teeth is mechanical…to mash and grind food to make it digestible. For the most part teeth are resistant to cracking and chipping; they do not become more brittle with age. But dentists often see patients with chips and cracks, commonly from biting down hard on something like an olive pit or a kernel of un-popped corn. Bruxism or teeth grinding caused by stress is another common cause of tooth wear and tear. So, check your popcorn and olives, avoid chewing ice, and ask your dentist to check for signs of bruxism.
  • Two of the biggest threats to your teeth are sugars and starches. These carbohydrates ferment and cause the bacteria in your mouth to produce acids. The acids eat away at the enamel of your teeth; tiny pits form and tooth decay finds those pits. The result is cavities. Sweetened carbonated beverages are especially problematic since carbonation increases acid levels in the mouth. So, avoid frequent snacking, take it easy on sugary foods, carbonated soft drinks and sports drinks, cap your sugar craving by chewing sugarless gum, and pay attention to your daily dental hygiene.

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Crown That Smile!

Is smiling for a photo-shoot uncomfortable? If your answer is yes, and you avoid smiling because of a missing or discolored tooth, a crown can offer a long-term solution.

dental crowns

  • Crowns are strong and completely natural-looking. A damaged tooth or a tooth that is off-color, oddly shaped or out of alignment can be entirely “capped” and strengthened using a crown. Crowns are also used to attach bridges, protect a severely decayed or weak tooth from breaking or restore a tooth that is already broken. Additionally, a crown can sit atop a dental implant, providing natural shape and structure.
  • A crown can also improve the alignment of your teeth and your “”
  • Unlike dentures, which are removable, crowns are cemented onto your existing teeth and can only be removed by your dentist.
  • At StarWhite Dental, we use the new CEREC crown technology – which means that your crown can be done in one visit, instead of two or three.
  • CEREC’s precise 3-D technology allows us to create a unique, custom crown that fits your tooth perfectly and is completely bio-compatible with your mouth and other teeth. It offers many advantages over other types of restorations.
  • The CEREC system eliminates the need for a temporary crown. This is great news, because some teeth become sensitive while wearing a temporary crown and may require a root canal to alleviate the sensitivity.
  • With CEREC, we can conserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible and create attractive results while offering our you a more pleasant and convenient experience.
  • Although crowns can last a lifetime, the most important thing you can do to ensure that they do is to practice good oral hygiene. A crowned tooth does not require special care, but the underlying tooth can still decay and the surrounding gum tissue is still susceptible to gum disease. Keep your gums and teeth healthy by brushing and flossing daily – especially around the crown. Using an anti-bacterial mouth rinse can also help.
  • Visit StarWhite Dental regularly for checkups and professional cleanings.


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Read On To Become An “Tooth Expert”

StarWhite Dental cares about your teeth. They are strong, resilient and designed to last a lifetime. But your general health, tooth decay, poor dental habits and the passage of time can play havoc with your teeth. Let’s get to the basics…and learn what kind of teeth you have and what makes them so strong and amazing:

Each of your teeth is comprised of two parts: The visible crown and the root which is not visible.

dental healthYou have four kinds of teeth:
1. Incisors are the teeth in the front of your mouth. There are a total of eight and all have the same function – they are for biting into food. Incisors are usually the first teeth to erupt, at around 6 months of age.
2. Canines are the pointed, sharp teeth next to your incisors. There are two on the top row and two on the bottom. They are used to tear pieces of food.
3. Pre-molars (bicuspids) are the large, flat teeth behind your canine teeth that tear, crush, and mash your food. As an adult, you have eight pre-molars.
4. Molars are your largest teeth which are found at the very back of your mouth. Including the wisdom teeth, most adults have 12 molars. They are also used for chewing and grinding your food.

Each tooth is made of four types of tissue:
1. Enamel is the visible substance that covers the crown. Harder than bone, enamel is made up of phosphorous and calcium and protects the tooth from decay.
2. Dentin lies underneath the enamel. It looks similar to bone but is not as hard as enamel.
3. Cementum is the tissue covering the tooth root, helping anchor it to the bone. It is softer than enamel and dentin.
4. Pulp is found at the center of your tooth and contains the blood vessels, nerves, and other soft tissues that deliver signals and nutrients to your teeth.

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