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Ways to Reduce Swelling after Wisdom Tooth Removal

It’s not uncommon for teenagers to have their wisdom teeth removed as they come in, especially if they’re getting impacted or crowding other teeth and causing misalignment issues.  However, there are also plenty of adults who elect to have their wisdom teeth removed later on.   For some there’s no need to remove them if […]

What to expect from bone grafting for dental implants

When someone in good overall health loses a tooth due to gum disease, an acute injury, or an oral infection, dental implants are fantastic and safe long-term solutions. They do not require the upkeep that dentures require and provide a patient with results that are aesthetically pleasing. Because of their high-success rate (98%), and their […]

Supporting dentures with dental implants

When someone thinks of dentures, they usually think of traditional dentures that are relatively unstable. Unfortunately, when someone is told that they need dentures, the news is usually met with despair because they associate dentures with dentures of the past. Fortunately, for those who require dentures, implant-supported dentures are a fantastic denture option. Dentures With […]